• Lubrication of Roll Neck Bearings

    1. Purpose and effectThe purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside the bearing and thus to prevent seizure. Effects of the lubrication are described below:1.1 Reduction in the wear

    2021/06/15 liyulong126

  • Spring Bush Bearing for Continuous Casting Mill

    There are several types of bearing that can be used for CCM (continuous casting mill), like Spherical roller bearing, Carb bearing and cylindrical roller bearing.In addition, there is a special kind o

    2021/06/15 FV bearing

  • Study on Load Distribution and Mechanical Properties for Rolling Bearings

    Bearing load distribution directly affects the bearing stiffness, lubrication and fatigue life, which is one of the important contents of high-end bearing research.Taking FV spherical roller bearing a

    2020/12/31 FV Bearing

  • Installation Method of Spherical Roller Bearing

    The CA series and CC series of spherical roller bearings produced by FV should be installed according to different application conditions, so that different installation steps should be taken. If it

    2020/12/24 FV bearing

  • Profile of Spherical Roller Bearing

    spherical roller bearings

    2020/12/21 FV bearing

  • The Future Development Direction of Cold Roll

    The development of cold rolls is driven by the cold rolling industry and roll manufacturing related technologies. From the actual demand of the cold rolling industry, increase the wear resistance, rou

    2020/12/18 FV bearing

  • Analysis on Causes of Locking Damage of Work Roll Bearings

    1) Insufficient Rolling mill bearing oil mist lubricationWhen the bearing rotates at high speed, a huge amount of heat is generated, and the bearing rollers are heated and expand, which reduces the be

    2020/12/15 FV Bearing

  • Wind Power Bearing Classification and Production Process

    In recent years, wind power generation, as a renewable and green new clean energy, are highly valued by every country and be made considerable progress.The wind power bearings mainly include: yaw bear

    2020/12/11 FV Bearing

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