• Lubrication of Roll Neck Bearings

    1. Purpose and effectThe purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside the bearing and thus to prevent seizure. Effects of the lubrication are described below:1.1 Reduction in the wear

    2021/06/15 liyulong126 97

  • Sendzimir mill bearing, Back-up Roller bearing - (Replace FAG)

    Back-up rollers Multi-roll cold mill stands are described using different terms depending on their type and manufacturer: ■ 12 and 20 roll stand ■ Z-High.■ S-High. Multi-roll cold rolling mills are u

    2021/06/09 liyulong126 152

  • Sealed type, Four row tapered roller bearings (Replace NTN)

    The CROU··LL series sealed four row tapered roller bearings are new standard series products especially developed to satisfy the “high load capacity”, “high load resistance performance” and “high sealing performance” required for steel mill roll-neck applications and to improve reliability through long life design.

    2020/03/03 FV BEARING 70

  • Field Assembly of Support Roll for 1450mm 6-hi CRM

    Complete replacement of roller bearing of CRM

    2018/01/22 FV Bearing 63

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