Application of Rolling Mill Bearings in Metallurgical Equipment

2020-12-08 15:31:45 FV Bearing

FV BEARING specializes in manufacturing support rolls, intermediate rolls, and work roll rolling mill bearings in the steel industry, especially four-row cylindrical roller bearing and four-row taper roller bearing bearings. The raw materials of large-size metallurgical bearings generally use electroslag remelted carburized steel, which can improve the life of the bearing. 

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Electroslag remelting technology is a kind of refined metallurgical technology. It is major metallurgical technology advancement, especially in improving the macrostructure of high-speed steel and improving the quality of steel. It is an integrated metallurgical casting process that combines secondary refining and directional solidification of molten steel. This method can reduce the sulfur and phosphorus content of molten steel, increase the purity of molten steel, and improve the microstructure of the steel. Due to the faster cooling rate of the electroslag ingot, the carbide distribution in the steel is more uniform, and the improvement of the structure also improves the thermo-plasticity of the high-speed steel.

High-speed steel can be divided into four categories: traditional casting technology, electroslag remelting technology, powder metallurgy technology, and injection molding technology according to its preparation process. Among them, traditional high-speed steel can be divided into ordinary high-speed steel, high-performance high-speed steel, and low-alloy High-speed steel, etc. As a high-alloy ledeburite steel, the carbon content of high-speed steel can exceed 1%, and the type, quantity, size, and distribution of carbides are the key factors that determine its performance. Therefore, different preparation processes have an important impact on the properties of high-speed steel.